mcafee and seclore protection for cloud data

McAfee and Seclore Come Together to Provide Continuous Protection for Cloud Data

Seclore has announced a joint venture with McAfee to offer protection and track confidential information within and outside the enterprise. Seclore will be combining its data-centric security technology with McAfee’s MVISION, bringing together the best of both worlds. 

With this joint venture, McAfee and Seclore have answered one of the most dreaded questions that enterprises adopting to cloud ask: “what happens to my data when it goes on the cloud?”

Seclore and McAfee already had a joint offering for endpoint on-premise data protection. With the integration of McAfee MVISION, the protection for cloud services such as Microsoft 365 SharePoint and One Drive has been enhanced.

McAfee MVISION Cloud’s Leading Data Loss Prevention recognises important data and instructs Seclore to protect this data in-place with encryption tagging and Data Rights Management (DRM) as required by customer’s policies. As soon as the data has been secure, the persistent policy is followed even when it leaves the cloud service. 

Some of the benefits of combining McAfee’s MVISION with Seclore Right Management include:

  • Automated protection based on detection: To automatically detect, protect, and track sensitive information wherever it goes or stays without user intervention.
  • Incident management framework: MVISION Cloud records the incident and remediation action for the discovered data in cloud service.
  • Persistent, dynamic, and granular usage control: Allows enterprises to control WHO can access the information, WHAT can they do with it, WHEN and from WHERE can they access it.
  • Ease of use: The solution is easy to use and ensure confidential information is safe from accidental or malicious activities.
  • Usage tracking for compliance: Companies can track and record all the activities performed on documents to make sure it complies with the data privacy regulations, including unauthorised access to the document.

This integration is available now and addresses one of the key scenarios for enterprises and completes the ‘no matter where’ promise of McAfee’s data protection offerings. We are excited to take this partnership with Seclore to the next level.
Rajiv Gupta, SVP of the Cloud Security Business Unit at McAfee.

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